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Baji Responsible Gaming

For most of our users, gambling is a source of entertainment, fun and excitement. However, we recognize that gambling can have adverse consequences for some. Pathological gambling has long been recognized as a serious disease and requires special attention.

Since our inception, we have been focused on solving this problem and have sought to help our users. By Responsible Gambling, we mean various measures that we can take to mitigate the potential negative consequences of gambling. If these consequences do occur, we also take active steps to eliminate them.

The most important tools in combating the negative consequences of gambling are knowledge and education about the risks associated with them. This helps our users to exercise self-control and prevent the occurrence of such negative consequences.

Information and Contact

First of all, any of our users can contact the Support specialists for more detailed information about the Responsible Gaming. Our support team is ready to help you by email or in the built-in Live Chat at any time without any additional costs for you. 

Rest assured that our Support team will not disclose any information about you to anyone else without your consent. In addition, you can take a special test that will help you control yourself if you suspect that you may be addicted to gambling, at:

You can also find more information about gambling addiction at:

Helpful Tips for Responsible Gaming

We recommend that you read the following tips before you start betting on sports and casino games to make sure that they do not cause you any negative side effects. These tips include the following:

  • Set a deposit limit: Before you start playing, estimate how much you can afford to bet based on your financial situation;
  • Avoid chasing losses: refrain from significant risks to recover previous losses;
  • Play for fun, not for financial gain;
  • Set a time limit: Define a time frame for your gambling activity and stick to it. Keep in mind that gambling should complement your other hobbies, and not become your only occupation;
  • Play wisely: avoid gambling under conditions of severe stress, depression or excessive pressure. In addition, refrain from gambling under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Take breaks: recognizing when fatigue or loss of concentration occurs, take the necessary break.

Remember these tips and don’t forget to follow them. Then gambling will be safe for you!

Minor Protection

To use our service, you must be at least 18 years old. We do not allow underage users to access our platform, so we check the age of each of our players. 

To prevent misuse of our platform, protect your login credentials from any minors in your vicinity.

We also recommend using filtering programs to protect minors, especially children, from accessing inappropriate content on the Internet. For parents, we offer a list of Internet filters that will help protect their children:


If you are diagnosed with gambling addiction or you want to distance yourself from gambling for any other reason, we are ready to help you avoid anything that harms you. The Self-Exclusion option allows you to voluntarily exclude yourself from all gambling services for a certain period. Using this option guarantees complete avoidance of gambling due to the fact that the self-exclusion period cannot be canceled ahead of time. If you want to self-exclude, please contact our support service and specify the validity period from 6 months to 5 years. Our service will help you connect the necessary function and protect yourself from harmful addiction.

Please note that self-exclusion is permanent for the selected period of time and will not be canceled ahead of time to ensure your protection. Attempting to create a new account during self-exclusion is a violation of our Terms and Conditions and may result in permanent blocking of your original account.